Why Posters Do Not Sell A Family Portrait Fundraiser

Poster Displays will Not Sell a Family Portrait Fundraiser

Photography-Fundraiser-Banner1BSo often when a family portrait fundraiser is booked, many coordinators will insists on extra posters to put up on display.  The common misconception is that people will see these posters that announce the family portrait fundraiser with time and location and immediately contact the certificate seller to purchase a photography session.  This could not be further from what actually happens.

When you put up posters for your picture fundraiser, the folks will see it and think it’s a great idea.  It will peak their interest with the intention of getting involved and participating.  However, more times than we would like to think, that is as far as it goes.  People will forget what they saw a few minutes after they see it.  Posters do not sell the certificates you need to get the numbers for a successful fundraiser.

family portrait fundraiserYou have to go out and actually ask the people and sell the certificates yourself.  Yes, posters are a great aid in getting the word out about your family portrait fundraiser but they will not sell the sittings.  You have to make things happen.  So if you want to have a successful fundraiser for your church or organization, get out there yourself and your sellers and ASK.  Everyone loves a great family portrait to cherish for a lifetime so don’t be afraid to give them what they want.  A verbal exchange is what will sell your program, not posters.  Good luck.