Picture Fundraiser -Should We Always Photograph a Single Picture of the Elder

We Treasure Our Elder Seniors in a Picture Fundraiser One of the greatest bonuses of having a picture fundraiser is the opportunity to get the whole family in front of a professional photographer.  It is a very rare occasion when we can get multiple generations to gather for a family portrait.  But when we can get those generation shots we are happy to take them and the customer is very happy to receive it.  More often we have a matriarch or patriarch that has their entire large family gathered around them to be photographed.  This is a special event and… Read more

Keeping the Church Lights On Another Month with a #Picture Fundraiser

Picture Fundraiser Can Be An Easy Way To Get Participants The budget is getting tighter and the offerings are getting lighter. Churches are closing their doors one by one in this economy. We want to give what we can but what do most of us have to give any more with our family budgets getter smaller.  And it seems every week there is some fundraiser we are ask to participate in before the last one is over. It’s an on going task to keep the lights on month after month.  See how a picture fundraiser can be something your participants… Read more

How To Prepare for just about any Productive Photography Fundraising event One of The Fantastic Fundraising Ideas

Pretty much all you need to know with regards to getting a productive picture fundraising event are simple methods yet vital for ensuring your success. We have been in the fundraising business for more than several years now and I’ve found a lot of very well prepared planners book a photo fundraiser and then just to fall short with regard to purposes they would get averted. Photography fundraising is among the greatest and straightforward fundraisers you can give to the participants. It’s a classic treasure which serve you for a lot longer than candy bars, candles or even the very… Read more