Do All Photography Fundraiser Companies Have Same Guidelines?

Photography Fundraiser Companies Share in Their Guidelines Photography fundraising and the companies that allow fundraisers to utilize their portrait products have been around for many decades.  When you host a photography fundraiser, you want to have everyone be as happy as you possibly can.  But we all know you can’t please everybody all the time.  But one way to ensure that your participates are satisfied and happy with their session when you have a photography fundraiser is to know what those rules and guidelines are.  Here’s how not to have to refund you hard earned certificate sales at the photography… Read more

How To Organize A Fundraising Event

How To Organize A Fundraising Event First thing you want to do when organizing a fundraising event is to set your fundraising goal. Whether you are using the money for administrative purposes, or need to raise much needed funds to pay for new uniforms, you need to set a goal. The next step is to choose your fundraising product or program. This is where you need to think about the members in your group. What are their interest and what would they be comfortable selling? The best one to choose is the one that the members will be passionate selling…. Read more