Picture Fundraising

Picture Fundraising


STEP INTO THE 21ST CENTURY WITH CRISP, CLEAN AND CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT DESIGN THAT’S PURE AND TRUE FOR YOUR fundraising ideas!  Picture fundraising is a profitable and cherished item you can give your participants.  What was your last fundraiser profit goal?  Was it a success?  If it wasn’t what you expected, it’s time to consider a new fundraising ideas.  Try picture fundraising.

family-picture-fundraising H&S ideas for fundraising is the only picture fundraising company to offer a timeless true white studio quality tasteful background for family portraiture that will become more elegant over time and not outdated in one year. Ideas for Fundraising and picture fundraiser ideas for PTO PTA fundraising profits-fundraiser ideas.  Mother Approved Ideas for fundraising school fund raising, group raising, scouts, fire dept., PTO, PTA fund raising, private school fund raising, and many others!  Fundraising ideas to smile about!  Fundraising profits for your school fundraising ideas and for your school, team, or club. Great club fundraising and parent approved fundraising ideas and quick fundraising profits. Nationwide Portrait Fundraiser. Each participant will receive a 10×13 Free portrait for a $10 donation for your fundraising profits!


Picture fundraising can be very profitable.  Let us show you how.

$36,938 Amador Elementary $27,384 Davis JL $11,090 Forest Hill U $8,100 Mt. Carmal $6,930 Hollister $18,300 Huntington

Craftily selected Artistic Photographers to bring you the best for your fundraising profits!

H&S ideas for fundraising is the only portrait fundraiser company to offer a pure timeless true white studio quality tasteful background for family portraiture that will become more elegant over time and not outdated in one year. Others offer imitation scenery while H&S create classy and timeless art. Go with the best in the industry where we bring the studio to you.fundraising ideas

Offer families in your community a FREE Full Color 10×13 Family Portrait for a $10 donation to your group. Your group earns up to $10 from each certificate sold. 100% Profit.

How much will you make with the best portrait fundraiser? Fundraising ideas for schools, clubs, fire dept., police dept., scouts and others.  Mother Approved ideas for fundraising programs group fundraising, PTO fundraising, PTA fundraising profits, portraits fundraising, energy fundraiser, children’s antique photos, children’s sepia tone, fund raising, glamour photography fundraiser, HandS Fundraising.  Great club fundraising ideas and clubs approved fundraisers.  Fundraisers you can smile about!  Reaching fundraising goals and fundraising profits one smile at a time.


“What a great fundraiser for our youth group. It was so easy to work with the reps at H&S. They made everything so much fun. It was great to offer something other than candy.” -Troop 211 Aberdeen, MD “We killed two birds with one stone with this portrait fundraiser. Not only did we get beautiful family portraits but the officers were able to get great solo professional pictures.” – FOP Marlboro, MD “This was great way to earn quick money for our choir uniforms. The folks at H&S walked us through every step.” -Mt. Carmel, Philadelphia, PA “We raised over $2,400.00 in one weekend shooting the antique pictures. These are the best! Nothing like them.” – Taps Dance, Brooklyn, NY “We never had professional pictures taken before. They were so good my mother cried when she saw all the pictures they had taken. I think everyone was very pleased and grateful for the new fundraising idea. And the best thing about it is that the school raised money too.” -GW Elementary School Elkins, WV “This was such a fun event that we put together for our organization. I always wanted to get glamour pictures with my daughter like this. They provided all the wardrobe and jewelry for the sessions. It was so much fun playing dress up for one day. Our group raised more money than needed for our trip.” -Eastern Star Columbus, OH “We were able to buy all new appliances for our church kitchen. This was a great fundraiser that everyone loved.” -C T King Philadelphia, PA