Picture Fundraiser -Should We Always Photograph a Single Picture of the Elder

We Treasure Our Elder Seniors in a Picture Fundraiser

One of the greatest bonuses of having a picture fundraiser is the opportunity to get the whole family in front of a professional photographer.  It is a very rare occasion when we can get multiple generations to gather for a family portrait.  But when we can get those generation shots we are happy to take them and the customer is very happy to receive it.  More often we have a matriarch or patriarch that has their entire large family gathered around them to be photographed.  This is a special event and this is why we treat it as such.

Getting a Single Shot of Grandma

When we get the opportunity we want to always get the shot of grandma alone.  A single shot of the elder is one of the most important shots we can get when the entire family is gathered for a picture fundraiser.  Every family should have a professional shot of the elders in the family.  Life is precious and we need to have the best shot we can to represent the elder for any occasion that may arise.  A portrait fundraiser is the best chance to have a talented photographer take that photograph.  It is always a blessing when we present the family with said photo.

Now Is A Great Time For a Professional Portrait


Nowadays, everyone has more digital photos than they know what to do with them.  They may have a few portraits of their elderly family member but nothing you could showcase if needed.  Unfortunately, I never knew my grandparents.  I would see random pictures around the house but never a true family photo. And never a professional photo.  There are a lot of family’s that will schedule an appointment to get the whole family photographed but something will suddenly come up and that picture will never be taken.  This is your opportunity to get that family picture taken.  Not only are you helping the  organization raise much needed funds for their picture fundraiser but you are also getting that family portrait taken that you will treasured for generations to come.


Article Name
Picture Fundraiser -Should We Always Photograph a Single Picture of the Elder
We Treasure Our Elder Seniors in a Picture Fundraiser