Picture Fundraiser For Church

Picture Fundraiser For Church

Pictures Fundraising has helped hundreds of churches and their ministry with Family members Portrait Fundraising. Together with our properly trained team of photographers and consultants we provide the latest digital innovation readily available. We supply an assortment of portrait fundraising programs to chose from making us a really flexible company for your needs.

We are enthusiastic about helping church groups. Our family portrait fundraiser offers enjoyable family activities in addition to your other fundraising events. We focus on photography based charity and church picture fundraising events that need zero door to door sales or in advance stocking of fundraiser products and inventory. There is definitely no danger with a picture fundraiser for church in losing money due to over spending of products.  There are no products to purchase.  We know raising funds for a church can be a full-time job. Portrait fundraising makes elevating funds for a non-profit simple and uncomplicated. As an added bonus, most families loves images of their adored ones. It really is a special product that can be treasured for generations.


Picture Fundraising

A picture fundraiser for a church by H&S offers to bring the participants together to achieve a specific financial objective. It enables the church members to bond together while acquiring the funds that are needed. It likewise brings the whole church community together.  Pictures fundraising has come to be a popular means for small church groups to raise money for different needs from youth group trips to new choir robes. Whether you are raising funds for non profits, Catholic institutions, Christian teams or other objectives, Photography Fundraising has an extremely versatile attraction to permit you to produce the most effective charity event that will appeal to the majority of givers.

Picture Fundraiser for Church

There are absolutely no out of pocket expenses. We offer the advertising materials to assist you in your fundraising effort.  This church fundraising event can be fast, simple and extremely lucrative with the assistance of our Portrait Fundraiser’s excellent quality picture charity event. A picture fundraiser for church can be a win-win scenario for the congregation. We provide the group a possibility to make money based on the members

involvement.  Your church picture fundraiser profits from those that choose to have images taken at your photography event. A picture fundraiser events offers a practical and comfortable method for church family members to gather for family portraits in a familiar environment such as the church hall and building. Because many families only have actually portraits taken every 5 to 10 of years, those that participate in this charity event have the opportunity to help the church while achieving stunning family pictures.

What You Can Expect with a Picture Fundraiser for Church

picture fundraiser for churchThe photography session for each family will last approximately 10 minutes.  We provide the scheduling sheet which are in 10 minute increments.  The professionally trained photographer will take the first pose of the family and all other poses of parents, children, pets and any request.  We then will come back with a professionally printed beautiful family portrait which is complimentary and the other additional poses that were taken at the session.  There is no obligation to purchase any additional portrait packages.  However, we know that when we do a great job with the professional studio quality photography, families usually welcome these prints in their homes for years to come.   Call 877-526-1967