Family Portraits As A Fundraiser

Why Family Portraits as a Fundraiser is a Great Fundraising Product

Fundraising products are a dime a dozen and there’s nothing we haven’t seen.  From candy, cake and candles, it’s great to have a product that everyone can get behind.  And family portraits as a fundraiser program can help your church or organization raise much needed funds in a unique and very bonding type of way.  Family portraits preserve the memories that are near and dear to our hearts.  Statistics show that most families will average a family portrait every 10-12 years.  So, obviously there is a need for the opportunity to have a family portrait taken. Portrait fundraising offers a fun and safe way for your organization to raise much needed funds.  A portrait fundraising event is held at your location.

Family Portraits will Appeal to the Masses

By offering family portraits as a fundraiser, you can collect $10 for each different family portrait certificate you sell.  Because of the great price for such a great product, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money for your fundraiser.  Folks know that family portrait sessions in a professional studio can be very expensive.  Most of participants will want to take advantage of the opportunity and contribute to your fundraiser while getting a great fundraising product.

See your Fundraising Profits Soar with Family Portrait Fundraiser

How Much Time Do You Need to Host a Family Portrait Fundraiser?

We suggest that you allow 3-4 weeks to sell the certificates to your participants.  We provide all the materials necessary for your fundraising effort. The most important thing to remember when you gather your team of sellers is that you choose out going folks who will spread the word and actually sell certificates and collect the money up front.  People who are shy and afraid to open their mouths to ask for participation should probably be reserved for scheduling once all your sales are finished. So only you know your people to gauge exactly the amount of time it will take to sell the amount of certificates to have a successful portrait fundraiser.FundraiserIdeas-Banner-eue