Motivating your Fundraising Sellers or Fail on All Fundraising Ideas

Motivating your fundraising sellers or Fail on All Your Fundraising Ideas

If you are a coordinator for a fundraiser and you don’t motivate your sellers, your fundraiser is sure to fail.   You don’t have to control people to motivate them but learning how to make them sell is required for your success. You will never to be able to control people, but you will be able to let Individuals control themselves in ways that benefit you.
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Motivating Your Sellers is Key for Fundraising Ideas

You as the coordinator need to give your sellers a little push and guidance as their leader because most of them want to be a huge part of the success of your fundraiser.  If you are able and willing to motivate other People and make them out of the mental rut that they’re in, you must have a plan of action, a daily checklist of duties, a pleasant-sounding, clear and well-modulated voice to make your point and expectations across without looking like a crazy scout leader.
motivating your fundraising sellersQuitters never win

Your motivation will become their motivation which will come from determination.  Don’t forget the classic saying “Quitters never win. And winners never quit.”  As mundane as it is, it is true and the saying never gets old.  People just need a little reminder.
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Fundraising Ideas for any Organization will not Sell Themselves

Discipline or self control goes hand in hand with motivation.  This is why you are going to have a “plan of action” to give to every seller for your fundraiser.  A plan of action is crucial to your success.  Without a plan it is only a thought.
To encourage discipline to your sellers have them create a daily “to do” list.
Offer a small bonus or reward for those who achieve their daily to do list at the end of the week.  Know what each reward will be for each accomplishment that you have fulfilled throughout your plan.

motivationMake Things Happen Starting with You!

Believe you have the skills to achieve any of your goals.  If you believe it you will attain it.  If you believe it you can also influence others more easily to believe it whatever the “it” may be.  What is your “it”?  Is it having every seller sell at least $100 in sales a week?  Or is it having every seller sell at least $200 in sales a week?

Don’t Forget Motivation

Don’t forget to influence yourself. While it is useful for understanding and influencing others, this is a motivation possibility that is best used to affect your own self improvement.

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our power to achieve or set goals and will be obvious when trying to motivate others whether they are kids or adults.  Individuals can sense fear and doubt.  When we let self-doubt and fear pattern our lives, we miss opportunities. So you must learn to have faith in your and your seller’s power.  Now go motivate those sellers and helpers for your fundraising ideas and your efforts will be a huge success.