Keeping the Church Lights On Another Month with a #Picture Fundraiser

Picture Fundraiser Can Be An Easy Way To Get Participants

The budget is getting tighter and the offerings are getting lighter. Churches are closing their doors one by one in this economy. We want to give what we can but what do most of us have to give any more with our family budgets getter smaller.  And it seems every week there is some fundraiser we are ask to participate in before the last one is over. It’s an on going task to keep the lights on month after month.  See how a picture fundraiser can be something your participants can look forward to.

picture fundraiser-hsA Free Product Can Entice More Contributions

Does your church need a quick and free idea that will make money? Tell your church to have a family portrait fundraiser or as some call it a picture fundraiser. If you have at least 100 to 200 church member families, it could be worth your while.

picture fundraiserEach family will donate $10 to your church to have their family picture taken. The church will keep the $10 from each family giving them a $2,000 profit. The photography company will come out to your church and take each family and give them a Free 10×13 portrait. And most of these companies like H and S Fundraising will give you a nice bonus of $2,000 on top of your session donations totaling your fundraising earnings to $4,000.

Make More Money When Your Photograph More Families

The more families that come out to participate in your church portrait fundraiser the more money your church will make. The church makes money and every family will receive something meaningful and precious to last a lifetime. So, go tell your church you have a great idea for them to help pay for some of the expenses of keeping your church going.

Promote church unity and family and make a profit too.