Is Children’s Antique Photography Back?

Children Antique Photography is Becoming Popular Again

We seem to be getting more and more request for the children’s antique photography.  It is very popular in the southern states, mid-west and some northern areas but has fallen off in popularity over the past 10 years.  Children’s antique photography is a specialty of which it can be difficult to cover with a talented and experienced photographer.  This is why we have kept our skills and creativity current when it comes to children’s antique photography.children's antique photography

Whether it has been a school or church that has hosted this special photography fundraiser, everyone loves the finished product when we come back with the portraits. We can shoot around 30 to 40 sittings in a day for children’s antique photography fundraisers due to the wardrobe changes and the nature of photographing children.  Some need more time to get comfortable with the photographer and the session itself.  For more information on booking your children’s antique photography fundraiser, call 877-526-1967