How To Get Your Teen To Smile for The Portrait Fundraiser

Is Getting A Teen To Smile for the Portrait Fundraiser Impossible?

So often we get a mother who is so excited about getting a beautiful family portrait of her children at a portrait fundraiser.  More often than we would like to admit teens do not like to smile for the family portrait mom is so desperately trying to get.  The photographer can make jokes and try to get the teen to crack that smile but it is such a difficult thing to do.  And I have often experienced getting a teen to smile by cracking a  joke only to have them wipe it away as soon as I press the shutter button.  Why is it so difficult for a teen to smile in a family portrait.  Here are some of the tips we use to get those serious teens to give up a smile for the family portrait fundraiser.

Girls Will Smile But Boys Are Expected Not to Smile

We teach our girls that they should smile even when they are having a bad day.  Our culture has taught our girls that it’s just the way a girl should portray herself in our society.  You will be better liked and look your best when you smile.  Well we are not saying this is the best advise for our girls at all times but it is helpful when it comes to getting a great shot at a family portrait fundraiser.  Boys on the other hand are accepted as being grouchy or mean when it comes to having a bad day. We just expect boys to be out of touch with their feelings and emotions that we just accept this behavior.  Well, we are not here to change how boys and girls are taught differently in our society.  We are only here to get the great shot mom is wanting to preserve for years to come.

How to Get Teen Boys To Smile for a Family Portrait at the Portrait Fundraiser

The first thing you want to do is immediately talk to the male teen when he enters the session.  Ask him questions about his younger siblings about getting them to smile or what makes them laugh.  More often they are willing to help you with their siblings.  Express to them how it can be difficult for the photographer to get a younger sibling child to warm up to the session so any tips would be helpful.  What they don’t realize is that you are giving them something to think about and they will probably have sympathy for you.  The photographer should try to make some sort of connection with the teen to get them to warm up to the photography session.  It’s not like they take a family portrait everyday.

Tell the teen that this is something the parent has wanted probably for a long time.  When was the last time you had a family portrait?  Be sure to stress this does not happen often because life and people are too busy to have portraits taken as often as they would like.  Most families will have a professional family portrait once every 10 to 12 years. Be sure to stress this is a rare occasion and we will make it the best we can especially for mom.  Boys love their mommies so most of the time this works to get those male teens to smile for your portrait at t a family portrait fundraiser.

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How To Get Your Teen To Smile for The Portrait Fundraiser
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How To Get Your Teen To Smile for The Portrait Fundraiser
Is Getting A Teen To Smile for the Portrait Fundraiser Impossible? Here are some tips to make it happen.