Fundraising Profits

Fundraising Profits

We offer the best bonuses in the industry!  We are passionate about helping church families.  Pictures fundraising offers fun photographic events for fundraisers.  There is absolutely no risk with church fundraising. Our bonus structure is simple and straightforward.

*Family and Children’s Programs. **Bonuses based on participants purchasing additional packages for fundraising profits.

As you can see, a portrait fundraiser can bring in big fundraising profits.  Contact us at 877-526-1967 to see how money you and your organization can make.  Don’t have an organization?  Let us show you how you can become a fundraiser representative and earn big commission from picture fundraiser.

Fundraising profits for your organization

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Great simple fundraising ideas and parent approved fundraisers.  Fundraisers you
can smile about!  Reaching fundraising goals one smile at a time.