Free Church Picture Directory

Need a church picture directory?

From large churches to smaller congregations, H&S will give you the best option for your church picture directory.  Offer families in your and community a  FREE Full Color 10×13 Family Portrait  for an $10.00 donation to your group.  Your group can Earn  $10 from each certificate sold. We will send a professionally trained photographer to your group.

Your church fundraiser also has the opportunity to earn even more funds in addition to your certificate sales.



Need a directory for your church? Let us help you create a church picture directory for your congregation.
We will take a family portrait of all of your church families and give them a free portrait!

Through our Network of National Photographers, we will come to your event fundraisers or location

Your church can raise money at the same time.
Call us today to schedule a photographer to come to your location.


Do you need a church fundraiser?

Offer families in your church a free portrait.  Collect $10 for the photography sitting fee.  Your church group will keep the $10.  We will give a free portrait to all the participating families.  You can raise $2,000 in 2 weeks if you have 100 families participate.  Even if you have a small church with less than 100 families, we can make this fundraiser work for you.  We can offer you an online password-protected church picture directory.  Get started today.

See our fundraising profit chart for more information on our cash bonuses!

church picture directory

We need our churches to bring community together and continue the teachings of the good word.  We are a Christian based company and welcome all organizations who need our help.