Family Portrait Fundraiser

Family Portrait Fundraiser


H and S Fundraising and Photography is one of the best fundraisers you can have for your church or group to raise needed funds and offer a great and long lasting fundraiser product. So why a picture fundraiser? Let us show you the money! When you choose picture fundraising as your next fundraiser idea event, you are offering a free item to your participants. Imagine what the response will be when you are able to offer a FREE item to your participants. Imagine giving away a beautiful family portrait for your fundraiser idea. People love Free and they love portraits!

Presenting a Picture Fundraiser

All you have to do is present portrait fundraising to your group or church offering a great opportunity for a free family portrait for a small donation to your cause for the sitting fee. You keep the $10 sitting fee and we will provide a free portrait to every family who participates and views their portraits. How much will you raise giving away a beautiful family portrait?


Earn $2,000 in 2 weeks!

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Picture Fundraiser is Profitable

Are you tired of the same cookies, candy and other ordinary fundraiser idea? Well, when you keep doing what you do, you will keep getting what you got! Do something different for different results. Family portrait fundraiser will help raise the needed funds. Family portrait fundraiser will make a great fundraiser idea for any group. Portrait fundraiser is one of the most popular fundraiser ideas around. Picture fundraising is not only profitable but mother approved!

Great for Church Picture Directory Great for free church picture directory with a picture fundraiser. Church groups can use this picture fundraising as a great way to create a free church directory for your members. We offer an online free church directory for your church families. Your only cost is a small monthly fee for hosting. It’s the best free church directory for today’s churches.

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Photography-Fundraiser-Banner1Other great portrait ideas for a fundraiser are available. Family picture fundraising is our most popular but call and speak to one of our representatives to find out about our other portrait fundraising events.


Fill out this form below. We will bring the studio to your location. We provide the industries best artistic photographers in your area. Our photographers are gifted and are hand selected based on their skills, friendliness and ability to make children of all ages smile and feel comfortable. Unlike other companies, we pride ourselves on producing a great experience for your participants and an exceptional product you can be proud to present. We will never print on the spot for poor quality portraits. We only print on professional materials from our portrait profession lab. So, go with the best and make this fundraiser event the best one this year. We look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goal. Remember, we have the best insensitive bonus rate around. Call H&S Photography today! 877-526-1967

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picture fundraiser idea

picture fundraiser idea