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H&S Picture Fundraising has helped hundreds of churches further their ministry with Family Portrait Fundraiser. Along with our professionally trained staff of photographers and consultants, we offer the latest digital technology available.  We offer a variety of programs to chose from making us a very versatile company.
Family Portraits – Children’s Portraits – Glamour Portraits
We are passionate about helping church families.  Pictures fundraising offers fun photographic events for fundraisers.  We specialize in photography based charity and church fundraisers that require zero door to door sales or upfront inventory.  There is absolutely no risk with church fundraising. Raising funds for a church or non profit organizations can be a full time job.  Pictures fundraising makes raising funds for a church simple and straightforward.  As an added bonus families loves pictures of their loved ones.  It is a very personal product that can be shared for generations.
Church fundraising serves to bring the members together to achieve a certain goal.  It allows the members to bond together to attain the funds that are needed.  It also brings the community together.  The members reach out to the communities to spread the word of this unique fundraising event. Picture fundraising has become a popular way for congregation to raise money for specific causes that help support their faith and community. Whether you are raising funds for Catholic schools, Christian groups or mission trips Pictures Fundraising has a versatile platform to allow you to create the best fundraiser.
There are zero start up costs.  We provide the marketing material to aid you in your fundraising effort.  A church fundraiser can be quick, simple and highly profitable with the help of Pictures Fundraising high quality portrait fundraiser. A church fundraiser can be a win-win situation for the church. We provide the church an opportunity to earn money based on the congregation’s participation.  This type of church fundraising event also benefits those who choose to have pictures taken during the event.  Pictures fundraising also benefits those who choose to have pictures taken during the event.  A church fundraiser provides a convenient way for for families to get together for family portraits in a comfortable environment.  Since many families have portraits taken every few years those who participate in a fundraiser are able to help the church while attaining beautiful family portraits.  Contact us today to talk to a portrait fundraiser representative to see which fundraiser program will work best for your group.  877-526-1967

Coordinator Materials

Above are the materials you need to get you started on your picture fundraiser.  Your success is solely dependent on your sellers asking and collecting the donation for the photography session.  Posters and certificates will be mailed to you once you have scheduled your photography date with H&S Photography.  However, remember that posters do not sell certificates.  You do!