Do All Photography Fundraiser Companies Have Same Guidelines?

Photography Fundraiser Companies Share in Their Guidelines

Photography fundraising and the companies that allow fundraisers to utilize their portrait products have been around for many decades.  When you host a photography fundraiser, you want to have everyone be as happy as you possibly can.  But we all know you can’t please everybody all the time.  But one way to ensure that your participates are satisfied and happy with their session when you have a photography fundraiser is to know what those rules and guidelines are.  Here’s how not to have to refund you hard earned certificate sales at the photography shoot.

Setting the Date and Time for Your Photography Fundraiserportrait fundraiser companies

When you set your date for your portrait fundraiser, you will receive a packet that will explain how the fundraiser program works for everyone involved.  All photography fundraiser companies will have these same guidelines to help the fundraiser be a success for both the organization hosting the fundraiser and the photography company.  One guideline that is extremely important to understand that only one free portrait can be offered per family.  The customer purchasing the certificate for their family portrait session can only purchase one.  Many times you have a customer who will want to purchase multiple certificates because they want more than one portrait of their family and the members of the family.  A mother will try to purchase a three certificates for her entire family, her children by themselves along with the parents alone.  Of course she wants to purchase 3 certificates because this is great price that can’t be denied.  However, it is the coordinator and sellers responsibility to let that customer know that those additional poses of her children and she and her husband will be taken at the session and offered in her package.  If this is not made clear to the customer, the organization will end up giving money back to the customer who was sold the multiple certificates.

Photography Fundraiser Companies Can Not Afford to Give Free Multiple Portraits

We have seen photography portrait fundraiser companies come and go through the years.  The only way a photography fundraiser company can stay in business to help other churches and organizations is to have these guidelines in place so they are not losing money on the deal.  Keep in mind the certificate sales are the profits for the fundraising organization.  The organization gets to keep most of the certificate sale so it’s tempting  to want to sell multiple certificates if a customers wants more than one.  However, it doesn’t make any sense for a portrait company to lose money while trying to offer a fundraiser product at no cost to the organization.   The company would lose money by giving free portraits away without the opportunity to recoup those expenses in portrait packages.  That’s why every photography fundraiser company will come back with portrait packages that are optional to purchase after the portrait session.

Keep Your Sellers Informed of How to Sell the Certificates

So, in conclusion it is very important to inform your sellers of how to sell the portrait fundraiser certificate.  You want to have the best successful fundraiser you can and this is the most crucial advice we can offer.  Sell only one certificate per customer and per family. Multiple certificates for one customer will result in refunds by the organization.

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Do All Photography Fundraiser Companies Have Same Guidelines?
Do All Photography Fundraiser Companies Have Same Guidelines?