Antiquities Photography Make A Great School Fundraiser

School Fundraiser Can Be Successful with Antiquities Photography Children’s Antique Photography Fundraiser Fundraising has become a regular addition to activities for a school or organization.  From uniforms to sponsored trips, fundraising efforts are getting harder and harder to be creative.  It seems everywhere you turn there is someone asking you to participate or purchase candy or candles or raffle tickets.  Most often the product isn’t worth the price of your time so you end up just making a donation.  Well folks are now seeing the amazing opportunity it is to offer these creative antiquity portraits that will last a lifetime. … Read more

Is Children’s Antique Photography Back?

Children Antique Photography is Becoming Popular Again We seem to be getting more and more request for the children’s antique photography.  It is very popular in the southern states, mid-west and some northern areas but has fallen off in popularity over the past 10 years.  Children’s antique photography is a specialty of which it can be difficult to cover with a talented and experienced photographer.  This is why we have kept our skills and creativity current when it comes to children’s antique photography. Whether it has been a school or church that has hosted this special photography fundraiser, everyone loves… Read more