Picture Fundraiser -Should We Always Photograph a Single Picture of the Elder

We Treasure Our Elder Seniors in a Picture Fundraiser One of the greatest bonuses of having a picture fundraiser is the opportunity to get the whole family in front of a professional photographer.  It is a very rare occasion when we can get multiple generations to gather for a family portrait.  But when we can get those generation shots we are happy to take them and the customer is very happy to receive it.  More often we have a matriarch or patriarch that has their entire large family gathered around them to be photographed.  This is a special event and… Read more

Do All Photography Fundraiser Companies Have Same Guidelines?

Photography Fundraiser Companies Share in Their Guidelines Photography fundraising and the companies that allow fundraisers to utilize their portrait products have been around for many decades.  When you host a photography fundraiser, you want to have everyone be as happy as you possibly can.  But we all know you can’t please everybody all the time.  But one way to ensure that your participates are satisfied and happy with their session when you have a photography fundraiser is to know what those rules and guidelines are.  Here’s how not to have to refund you hard earned certificate sales at the photography… Read more

Motivating Your Sellers Is the Key to a Successful Portrait Fundraiser

When you motivate you can anticipate success for your portrait fundraiser If you do not motivate your sellers for your portrait fundraiser, you are sure to fail. Now motivation is not controlling people but teaching them to do what is absolutely necessary for the success of your portrait fundraiser. You will never to be able to control people, but you will be able to let people control themselves in ways that benefit the fundraising goal. What sellers and helpers really need from a coordinator of a portrait fundraiser Most sellers and helpers want to be apart of the success of… Read more

How To Get Your Teen To Smile for The Portrait Fundraiser

Is Getting A Teen To Smile for the Portrait Fundraiser Impossible? So often we get a mother who is so excited about getting a beautiful family portrait of her children at a portrait fundraiser.  More often than we would like to admit teens do not like to smile for the family portrait mom is so desperately trying to get.  The photographer can make jokes and try to get the teen to crack that smile but it is such a difficult thing to do.  And I have often experienced getting a teen to smile by cracking a  joke only to have… Read more

How Facebook Can Aid in Your Photography Fundraiser

Using Facebook to Promote Your Photography Fundraiser Is Advantageous A fundraiser for a school, family, or project, can be really fun to have, especially when you want the community to help you out. However, coming up with good fundraising ideas can be hard because of all the different ways it can be held. That is why promoting it on Facebook is a very effective way to get the cause noticed. So if the fundraiser is going to happen in person on a special day, then the page that you can create will be revolved around the day of your event…. Read more

Antiquities Photography Make A Great School Fundraiser

School Fundraiser Can Be Successful with Antiquities Photography Children’s Antique Photography Fundraiser Fundraising has become a regular addition to activities for a school or organization.  From uniforms to sponsored trips, fundraising efforts are getting harder and harder to be creative.  It seems everywhere you turn there is someone asking you to participate or purchase candy or candles or raffle tickets.  Most often the product isn’t worth the price of your time so you end up just making a donation.  Well folks are now seeing the amazing opportunity it is to offer these creative antiquity portraits that will last a lifetime. … Read more

Keeping the Church Lights On Another Month with a #Picture Fundraiser

Picture Fundraiser Can Be An Easy Way To Get Participants The budget is getting tighter and the offerings are getting lighter. Churches are closing their doors one by one in this economy. We want to give what we can but what do most of us have to give any more with our family budgets getter smaller.  And it seems every week there is some fundraiser we are ask to participate in before the last one is over. It’s an on going task to keep the lights on month after month.  See how a picture fundraiser can be something your participants… Read more

Why Posters Do Not Sell A Family Portrait Fundraiser

Poster Displays will Not Sell a Family Portrait Fundraiser So often when a family portrait fundraiser is booked, many coordinators will insists on extra posters to put up on display.  The common misconception is that people will see these posters that announce the family portrait fundraiser with time and location and immediately contact the certificate seller to purchase a photography session.  This could not be further from what actually happens. When you put up posters for your picture fundraiser, the folks will see it and think it’s a great idea.  It will peak their interest with the intention of getting… Read more

Is Children’s Antique Photography Back?

Children Antique Photography is Becoming Popular Again We seem to be getting more and more request for the children’s antique photography.  It is very popular in the southern states, mid-west and some northern areas but has fallen off in popularity over the past 10 years.  Children’s antique photography is a specialty of which it can be difficult to cover with a talented and experienced photographer.  This is why we have kept our skills and creativity current when it comes to children’s antique photography. Whether it has been a school or church that has hosted this special photography fundraiser, everyone loves… Read more

$14,000 collected at Cianci portrait fundraiser

$14,000 collected at Cianci portrait fundraiser PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Vincent “Buddy” Cianci celebrated his 73rd birthday Wednesday night with a party that raised money to help pay for the former mayor’s official portrait at City Hall. The $100 a ticket fundraiser was part of an initiative started by the city’s archivist. Paul Campbell tells Eyewitness News that last night’s event raised about $14,000. $14,000 collected at Cianci portrait fundraiser It costs between $10,000-$15,000 to commission the artist and have the portrait painted and framed. The city is establishing a committee of artists and representatives from the city council and… Read more