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About Us – H&S Photography Fundraiser

H&S Fundraising has been helping churches, schools and non profits raise much needed funds for 20 years.  We not only help you fundraise, we do it by utilizing families in your community. Family Portait Fundraising is a great way for folks to get their families together. We pride ourselves on having the most contemporary product. We have innovative photographers that love photographing families.

H&S Fundraising is committed to helping churches and organizations raise money through quality photography fundraisers.  Founded in 1993, we have over 20 years of expert experience in raising money with beautiful quality family portraits.


Industry Leaders in Photography Fundraisers

We have seen portrait companies come and go through the years and have stood the test of time with our quality products and helpful staff.  We know the importance of family and displaying this unity in your home and sharing with friends and family.

Photography Fundraiser

With H&S Photography Fundraisers, there is no upfront financial investment for your group.  We send you all the necessary materials you will need to get the families in front of the camera.  We take all the risk.  We only ask that you sell the provided certificates and collect your donations.  The $10 donation for the sitting is yours to keep.  No risk to you and all the risk on us.  When you do your part, we will do ours.

H&S Photography Fundraiser also has the best and most reliable bonus structure in the industry.  With our Free portrait fundraiser, you can raise big profits and qualify for extra bonuses.  We also offer a special incentive bonus for our coordinators who do the work to make their fundraiser event a success.  Even though this is an easy fundraiser, we know scheduling your helpers and getting them the material to sell certificates does take some effort.  Great coordinators also know it takes motivation to get their helpers out there to get the families in front of the camera.  So, we think you deserve to have an incentive to reach your goals as well.  Ask about our extra $200 bonus when we shoot at least 60 families and they show up to view and purchase their final portraits.