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The only Photography Fundraiser Company to offer this special Bonus!  Photography Fundraiser for your next fundraising event.

Photography Fundraiser companyH and S Photography fundraiser company is one of the best photography fundraiser you can have for your group when you need to raise much needed funds. Offer a great and long lasting fundraiser product to your families in your church and/or community that they will cherish. So why a photography fundraiser? Let H&S show you the money! When you choose photo fundraising as your next fundraising event, you will be offering a free professional portrait to your participants. Imagine what the response will be when you are able to offer a FREE portrait to your participating families. How much can you raise by giving away a beautiful family portrait. People love Free and they love portraits!  Choose H&S photography fundraiser company for your event.  Because out of all of the photography fundraiser companies to choose from, we have the best bonus structure in the industry!

photograph fundraiserWhat Kind of Photography Fundraiser to Choose.

But wait! You can offer one of our other photography fundraiser ideas such as glamour, children’s Hollywood or children’s antique portraits. Our family photography fundraiser works great with churches and groups who want to include everyone. The more inclusive your fundraiser product the bigger the participation.


How Does a Photography Fundraiser Work?

Simply present the photo fundraiser to your group, school or church offering a great opportunity for a free family portrait for a small donation to your cause. This donation is for the sitting fee. You keep the $7 of the sitting fee and H&S will provide the professional photographer, background, lighting and props along with delivering a free portrait to each different family who participates and views their portraits. How much will you raise giving away a beautiful family portrait?  Portrait viewing may be online.  So all participants must have access to the internet and have a valid working email.

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Choosing the Leader in Photography Fundraiser Companies – H&S

We are enthusiastic about helping church groups. Our family portrait fundraiser offers enjoyable family activities in addition to your other ongoing fundraising efforts. We focus on quality photography and fundraising ideas that need zero door to door sales and hassle free stocking of fundraiser products and inventory. There is definitely no danger with a portrait fundraiser for a church losing money due to over spending of products. There are no products to purchase. We know raising funds for a school, groups, or church can be a full-time job. Portrait fundraising allows you to raise the funds simply and uncomplicated. As an added bonus, most families loves images of their adored ones that H&S will capture. It really is a special product that we provide which will be treasured for generations.


Tasteful Backgrounds and Timeless Portraiture

STEP INTO THE 21ST CENTURY WITH CRISP, CLEAN AND CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT DESIGN THAT’S PURE AND TRUE FOR YOUR fundraising ideas! Photography fundraising is a profitable and cherished item you can give your participants. What was your last fundraiser profit goal? Was it a success? If it wasn’t what you expected, it’s time to consider a new fundraising idea. Try H&S photography fundraising. H&S ideas for fundraising is the only picture fundraising company to offer a timeless true white studio quality tasteful background for family portraiture that will become more elegant over time and not outdated in one year.

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